In 1997, Mr. Strong Guo began making and designing his own brand of bicycle
frames. As a former US war tank personnel and a mechanic of 4 years of the
M109, M110 and M113 Assault Tank, it seemed appropriate to put the TANK
brand on his bicycle design.

In the first year of operation, Mr. Strong Guo distributed more than 500
frames and complete bikes in Taiwan. During this time he began to design his
own frame and outsourced the manufacturing. Since then, he has built his own

Tank Cycles now builds and designs bicycle frames to a high quality with
strong materials and has now expanded with major markets being in Malaysia,
Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines,

Mr. Strong Guo participated with great success at the 2002 bike show at the
Taipei World Trade Center. With this encouragement he went on to participate
at the 2002 Euro bike show in Germany and this enabled him to gain business
partners throughout Europe.

Tank products has also expanded to design, manufacture and distribute a
variety of bicycle products, such as carbon and aluminum wheels, handle
bars, hubs, stems, seat posts and other components. Tank Cycles continues to
grow and now has a vast international distribution with around 20,000 frames
being sold to date and supplies equipment to United States and European
based professional cycling teams.

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