Subject : Good news from the Netherland
Date : 2011/6/20
Content : Good news

Good news!

Let’s share the happiness with Dutch Paralympics teams and Matrix T50. R38.

P1 Piacenza Italy
Rinne Oost, Timo Fransen 1st in timetrail, 1st in general classement, 3th in roadrace
P1 Gippingen Switserland
Rinne Oost, Timo Fransen 1st in timetrail, 2st in general classement, 4th in roadrace
Joleen Hakker Nienke Troelstra (World champion timetrail tandem)
Timetrail 4th, roadrace 3th
UCI Worldcup Segovia Spain
Rinne Oost, Patrick Bos 2nd roadrace
Joleen Hakker, Sigrid Kuizenga
Roadrace 3th

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