Subject : Good news from United Kingdom(2012/6/7)
Date : 2012/6/8
Content : Good news from United Kingdom(2012/6/7)

Good news from United Kingdom(2012/6/7)


Then there's Jo Tindley. She grabbed 3rd place in the first round of the Johnsons Health Tech Grand Prix Series after doing the lions share of the work throughout the race. It did earn the well deserved sprinters jersey in the following round though. You an still catch her on ITV4 player if you know how to use it. She came 9th last night and won back her sprinters jersey - she will be on the T|V again tonight ( local time)



Jo Tindley is on the left here at the start on the TV. She is with the series leader and the world champion.



Please check out—our girl Jo Tindley on the TV shame the wheels are turning so fast!

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